Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Old City Bar

So, Heidi's "'tis the season" series has inspired me...that and the fact that I am beginning to go cross-eyed working on a paper.
As I am working on this paper, I am listening to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Eve and Other Stories album...for the third time in a row...
Yes, it may seem like overkill, but not to anyone who has listened to the album - TSO does rock-opera, but not like Green-Day's latest - no, they incorporate a much wider range of instruments and do original works as well as arrangements of the classics, like Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. I could go on and on, but suffice to say that they are incredible!
The storyline and music of Christmas Eve and Other Stories is one of my favorites - it has "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24," which you can catch on the radio this time of year, and "A Mad Russian's Christmas," which is the Nutcracker suite redone, and lots of people sync their Christmas lights to it (just visit YouTube).
Anywhose, one of my favorite tracks from my favorite album is "Old City Bar"

It never fails to give me chills:

"If you want to arrange it, this world you can change it. If we could somehow make this Christmas Day last, by helping a neighbor, even a stranger. To know who needs help, you need only just ask."

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Kristen said...

I got to go to TSO's christmas concert in SLC this year. Totally rocked (except I don't think the SLC audience quite knew what to do with TSO. =o) ) They are AWESOME in concert. Especially the chick that plays the electric violin. I know you would have been as awe inspired as I was...