Sunday, May 3, 2009


Why is it that my laptop has to have issues right on the brink of finals week? WHY????

I love my laptop, I do. And I am very, very appreciative to have it.
But seriously, the actual hardware and wiring have been a pain in my ass since I got it. And now, just as I lowered the screen to grab something and then opened it, again, the hinge on the left side breaks.
Fortunately, the computer still works, which is the important part. But I have to leave the screen either opened or closed, so I'm not going to be taking it anywhere anytime soon, and I REALLY need it to do some traveling this summer :(
Not to mention that I don't know if it's going to be a "laptop" so much as a "desktop" since it's rather precariously balanced on the remaining hinge - and the left side (i.e. the broken side) is the side with the cable connecting computer and screen. I'd like that to continue functioning.

Seriously, though - I know Scott and I recently talked about looking into a newer computer. Hopefully, he might be able to fix this (since my warrantly is expired), but, otherwise, I think this might be my sign.
Just when I was close to paying off my credit card, too :P

I think I'm going for a run, now.

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