Friday, February 2, 2007

finally joining the 21st century

Yup, it's about time to join the 21st century and start blogging. We'll see how it works out. While clearing out old e-mails, I discovered that I have tried this at least once before. Obviously, it worked out ; )

But, seeing as how I've been trying to keep up with writing, anyway, and I'm messing around with discussion boards, blogs, etc. for educational purposes (the "new" popular practice is to combine on-line discussions with regular in-class meetings for twice the course fun), I may as well combine the two. Besides, I'm on my computer all the time, and what better way to procrastinate?

Again, we'll just have to see how it works out - esp. towards the end of the semester...but this could be fun!

A'ight - more later, but thought i'd test this out. And thanks, Heidi, for the idea! : )


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