Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You're my boy, Blue

Lonnie finally made the decision to put Blue down last night. The vet had checked his blood, and the blood transfusion that should have lasted him two weeks had barely lasted him those two days. The leukemia was just rampaging his body. I wasn't home for it - didn't get out of class and get Juilie's message 'til 9:00, and by then, the vet was already out there. Wish I could've been there to hold him and say goodbye - I was pretty upset when I got home - but, at the same time, it needed to be done before Lonnie changed his mind again. Blue was just depressed and miserable and it was the "right" choice. And at least he got to spend his last days at home, not the vet's office (not that Larry isn't a great vet, but Blue just didn't like being there - he preferred lounging on my bed).

Love ya' Blue. In the words of Will Ferrell - "you're my boy, Blue!"


Kristen said...

*hugs* Sorry about Blue.


Heidi said...

Awww. Sorry to hear this, Karen.