Friday, April 27, 2007


Ya' know how they say "absence makes the heart grow fonder?" Is that really supposed to be true? I guess it is with my family to some extent, but, really, I find myself annoyed with this "absence..." Should I? Or shouldn't I? Or maybe it's okay to feel something, but it shouldn't necessarily be annoyance. (if you're really startin' to wonder, I haven't seen my b/f for, like 10 whole days, which isn't bad, I know, but I still really wanted to see him. And I think the "annoyed" actually comes in 'cause I called yesterday or Wednesday to see if I could come up on Saturday, and didn't hear anything back 'til this afternoon after I told him he should come down w/ his friends and go dancing, but they're going to a Rockies game in Denver, and he's "busy all weekend." Which is true - he's working, so I'm not annoyed at him - just annoyed...humph).

Alright, I'm done whining...


kiki said...

Aww...I'm sorry. We still had tons of fun without him, though (amazingly, I did not have a hangover this moring either). I kinda know how you feel. My new b/f just went to Vegas for the week and I'm already missing him. Grf.

By the way, my blog's anonymous. I go by my nickname, kiki, and usually give everyone funny or descriptive alternate names.

karen said...

ahhh - I was wondering for a moment I'm friends with a "Kiki" and with a "Trista" - heeheehee.

But, yes, we had TONS of fun! =0) Thanks to y'all for that! We don't need stupid b/fs that go off to Vegas and have to work in the mountains...we are our own party ;0)