Thursday, May 3, 2007


This is my third time being sick this semester - fourth if you count the horrendous, week-long tension headache I had the week before last. What gives? I don't get sick, and when I do, it's, like, a three-day thing and then I'm better! Dammit!

At least this time it's staying as an upper-respiratory / sinus thing, and not hitting my lungs, again. However, I still do not enjoy the sore throat, cough, scratchy smoker voice, and sinus so plugged that my teeth hurt.

That's right - ya'll best be takin pity on me ;)

Ok - done whining - it's really not that bad, and whatcha' gonna' do, anyway? I've got a whole long list of other topics I've been wanting to blog on, but I just took Nyquil, so for now, I'm going to do some reading and go to sleep.

Ya'll take care! =)


Jael said...

Go Karen! You complain so much geez! *seething sarcasm* I feel so bad you are sick again, I would take it from you if I could. Well don't give it to me because that will just make two of us... I got new shoes!!!! I love you! Feel better.

kiki said...

Oh, bummer Karen! I hope you start feeling better. This is the absolute worst time to be getting sick and I bet that's exactly why you are sick right now.

So get lots of sleep and make your whole hist&syst exam a tangent! I'm positive the prof be so impressed by your tangential brilliance that he'll forget you didn't actually address the questions.

karen said...

hehehe...and that's totally what I feel like I did, too - in fact, I even had a sentence along the lines of, "I don't know if this counts, b/c we didn't actually talk about it in class, but...."
15 pages of tangents! YESSSSS!