Wednesday, August 29, 2007

To my Advisor:

Oh, my fabulous advisor. Although you are on sabbatical this semester, I think you would be pleased to know that you continue to impact my education and cognitive processes even in your absence.

For example, as I was sitting in my Stats Methods I course today, I could not help but chuckle to myself as the professor used "Gender" as an example of a nominal scale. First, there is the obvious issue of "Gender" versus "Sex." Second, said professor made some offhand comment about that being a "good example" because of it's simplicity - "there are only two choices!" he says, as the majority of the class nods along in agreement.

Ahhh. It took me back to discussions and your examples from Measurements courses last year. Gender versus Sex. Sticky, sticky, sticky. And as for there being but two, clear-cut genders. Well...about, did you enlighten me. If only this professor knew the Pandora's Box he almost opened. But I kept my mouth shut and was content to chuckle alone. We were not, afterall, discussing instrument design, nor the construction of "good" items...he was not looking for a good discussion - merely searching for an example of a nominal scale.

By the way, did you hear the one about the statistician? He was laying with his head in the refrigerator and his feet in the oven. When asked how he was feeling, he responded, "On the average, I feel fine."

heeheehee - too bad I can't take credit for that one - it's out of our course textbook. But it's still funny! :0)

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Crystal said...

Yay, you mentioned me! Hehe, you are too funny :)

Jael said...

Omg Crystal, that was so hilarious!! How cool are they, seriously, awesome... And yea Karen, that whole blog just cracked me up, I love you.