Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sorting Skittles

So instead of working on one of the many things I could (& should?) possibly be working on right now, I'm blogging. Hehehe. God bless the blog. Though, you know what I just realized? Originally I had intended to use the blog to post rather regular updates on my life-in-general, but it seems that, as of late, there are the occasional posts on societal curiosities (like soaring through the air in a lawnchair attached to helium balloons), and lots of those posts where I find myself just trying to sort through....things. Sorting through life-in-general, rather than just posting about life in general. It makes sense, though. When things make sense and fall neatly into a line, I am far, far better at focusing and going on my merry way - most of us are. It's when things become a jumbled up mish-mash that some of us take a little extra time and energy laying everything out there - not even to become any less confused or make more sense of things - just in order to feel a little less overwhelmed and then go on about our merry way. My couselor and I talked about that just recently - it's like the Piagetan conservation task with clay - even though you have the exact same amount of stuff, in one instance it's a big, fat lump, whereas in the other, it's nice and streamlined. Or sorting out your Skittles or Jellybeans or M&Ms from one large mass into nice, neat rows by color.** Or maybe not - but the image works for me. No less "stuff" on your mind or in your life, but now it's all laid out.

Sometimes I wonder what it's like for other people. I know there are those of you who are like me - you are thinkers, and have been blessed/cursed with the same high level of curiosity and desire to understand. Understand how, understand why - just understand (on a side-note, but related to that, fortunately I have also come to understand that there are few black-and-white answers out there - if any at all - and I am comfortable with that, for the most part). And our brains just don't ever flippin' turn off - they aren't necessarily going a mile-a-minute, 'cause we can achieve a state of tranquility - a smooth, glassy body of water - but still active. Eesh - all I have to say is God bless horses and meditation (or whatever healthy hobby it is that does it for you)!!! At least then all that activity is funneled and directed towards a common cause, rather than fractured into a thousand little pieces. It is quiet - there are no ripples in the water.

But what about those people who aren't like this. Or even for people who are like this, but deal with it in different ways? I mean, really, the possibilities are as numerous as there are people in the world, aren't they? What and how are others experiencing life?

Why yes, I DO tend to sort out my candy - I CAN eat them without sorting, one-at-a-time, bu especially M&Ms & Skittles I still prefer to eat in a fashion similar to "Ethel" as described by Brian at


John said...

Man... I almost always sort my skittles and/or M&Ms like that if I'm at home... JUST like in that picture. If I'm at a movie or in public, I'll eat them "normally", one or a few at a time, indiscriminately. But when left to my own devices, I totally organize them into rows of two, separated by color/flavor. I eat the odd stragglers first, in order of my least favorite color/flavor to my favorite. Then once I have an even number of each color/flavor, I eat two at a time from each flavor... keeping the nice even rows of two. Still following the same pattern of least favorite color/flavor to favorite, of course. I knew I wasn't the only person to ever do that... but it's kind of nice to see my weird obsession in picture form. :)

Heidi said...

On some level I know that there must be people out there who are not innately curious and questioning and self-aware and always seeking knowledge and answers... but I just can't really comprehend it. I can't imagine looking at the world in black and white or thinking I know all the answers. It seems wrong to me that anyone should be that way, but I know they're out there, and it kind of scares me.

kiki said...

Yeah, I think constantly, too. I've even automated myself in most respects so that I can spend the time thinking. I'm usually too absorbed in my thoughts to pay attention to driving. I have morning and evening routines so that my body knows what to do while I think. Rather than planning out dinner, my hunger panges tell me it is time to eat and I throw in a microwave dinner in order not to disrupt my thinking. So yeah, I guess I think a lot, too.

Jael said...

You're my hero John! No one else understands the concept of eating the flavor you like the least first. When I was little I used to do them in rainbow order, but as I grew older I always do them least favorite to favorite, though I usually eat one at a time, I wonder why so many others eat two at a time, but I guess I don't line them up in rows either, I put them in pretty circles in a pattern with one in the middle and the rest surrounding it. Is that weird? But they always have to be in equal amounts and I just adjust the pattern to fit how many candies are left. I don't really like purple skittles but I loved the light brown M&Ms! Why did they leave me?! Blue just doesn't cut it, though I did vote for blue... but that was before I knew they were axing the light brown ones! Hm, I think about what I'm going to make for dinner before I eat lunch and have my entire half of the next day planned before dinner. If someone can find the off switch Karen and I are looking for I will totally share my lottery winnings with them... when I win them.