Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Happy Father's Day (and belated Mother's Day, for that matter)!

I know lots of people claim to have the best parents on the face of the planet. And, yes, many of you do have fantastic and wonderful parents. But mine really are the best. I'm sure they are both more likely to dwell on their perceived mistakes rather than successes, but I think they have done and continue to do a marvelous job, four times over. Life without the relationship I share with both Mom and Dad would not be nearly the quality it is - having their love and support - having someone you know you can go to for an honest opinion, but also for a good laugh - being able to discuss the trivial and the "deep." To know that your parents will really, truly be there for you (even when you are lashing out at them during your horrible teenage years just because you know they have to love you...sorry about those times), whether with hugs, financial support, or that sometimes-necessary tough love. To know and feel that they really do want the best for you.

I can only hope and strive to be the kind of people my parents are - someday be they kind of parents my parents are.

Love you both very, very much! Thank you!

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