Monday, February 9, 2009

R & R

No, not that kind - not the rest-and-relaxation. I'm talking running and research.

Two things I've been meaning to write about but haven't gotten around to it - always something to do.

Running, first. My new runnning shoes are grrrrreat! Asics, of course - the Gel-Panthera - fit like a glove, super comfy, and very supportive for my achilles tendon. I got about 17 miles in this last weekend without my orthodics. Not that I should make a habit of that if I want to keep the tendon happy, but I'm pretty happy. In fact, I'm seriously tempted to go buy another pair now to save for when these ones wear out.

Anyways, between that and Marathon Training for Dummies, I've been feeling good about getting back into a regular schedule of running/training... maybe even with thoughts of running a marathon or mini-triathalon this summer. So far, so good. Getting in long runs, speed/strength work, weight-lifting, core strengthening... I even go running with my horse so we can both get in shape :)

We'll just have to wait 'n see how long this lasts in light of school and research and work and all...

Speaking of which, let's talk some research.

Every semester I face the same problem: which research projects do I choose to go with for the semester, and which do I put on the back-burner? I know it all seems so arbitrary, but at the same time, I feel as though I'm neglecting whatever I don't choose - and almost a little afraid that they'll slip away and I'll never get them back again. I know - weird, right? But true.

SO, I'm going to write about all of them. That way they are down in words - permanent (at least for the duration of this blogger site). It's better when things are down in writing...sometimes...not all the time, I guess...but sometimes and even most of the time as far as I'm concerned. That way things won't be lost - I won't lose them or forget about them, and I can stop stressing about it.

So here are the things I really, really want to research someday, and the things I'm taking on this semester:

For this semester:
1) Srm641 (mixed methods): continue pursuing last semester's topic - Examining Conceptualizations of Caring in Teaching among First-year Preservice Teachers: Developing a Taxonomy of Caring in Teaching (it exists for 'bout for teachers? maybe there's even predictive value...)

2) Srm670 (Evaluation methods): UNC peer tutoring program evaluation (including lit review of peer tutoring in higher education, efficacy, added benefits beyond academic gains, etc.)

3) Srm687 (Narrative inquiry): Autoethnography - on being a twenty-something white female "diagnosed" with attention issues as an adult (and all the surrounding issues and arguments)

4) Research topics (for school, outside of classes): a) Curriculum for transformative learning in 6th-grade science classrooms - effects for students & the teacher, b) Favorite teacher stories as a method for assessing preservice teachers' motivations & values of teaching/teachers & patterns in responses, c) music therapy in the middle ages (or, rather, the gap in music therapy in the middle ages), d) Peer Tutoring Program & online tutoring program.

Other things I want to make sure I return to/get to:

*Preservice teachers' motivations for entering teaching. In-service teachers' motivations for staying in/leaving teaching. Comparison of the definitions of caring in teaching across samples (preservice, beginning, & experienced teachers).

*Psychology of music: a) why do students choose to pursue/drop out of music participation in school? b) why do "amateur" musicians return to/continue performing in non-professional settings? c) What is behind those emotional responses to music?

*Anthrozoology: a) exploring peoples' relationships with their pets - perceived vs. "hard" (measurable) benefits, b) Equine-Assisted-Learning.

I'm sure there's more - but those are the major areas of interest. And now they're down in writing. So I can go to sleep (even though sometimes - like now - sleep feels like a waste of time. But it also happens to be necessary...).

So good night :)

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kiki said...

Wow! Snazzy! There's enough there to cover 10 good years of research productivity! :)