Monday, March 26, 2007

home again, home again

ahhhh - back in good ole Colorado. Don't get me wrong - I still love WA, but CO just feels comfortable - really does feel like home here. It doesn't hurt that I have amazing friends, amazing colleagues and professors, the horses, Juilie and Lonnie, school - an amazing opportunity in itself - and now, a boyfriend! =0) One that I really like and really like spending time with! Amazing, I know, but seriously, not that I haven't liked my previous boyfriends, but I also was plumb happy being alone. Now, I could step in here and start psychoanalyzing myself, but I won't. Suffice to say, I was perfectly comfortable being perfectly independent and "free," if you will.
And now there's Bart. I just realized that those of you NOT on facebook don't have access to Bart's profile. In fact, even those of you ON facebook don't...except Kristen =0). Well, allow me to fill you in on his innermost secrets... j/k babe! Just the basics!

At any rate, I met Bart in July at the Ray Hunt clinic in Wyoming. Hard to go wrong with a guy in a cowboy hat on a horse at a natural horsemanship clinic =0) In the traditional flirtatious manner, I stole his hat and filled it with fresh horse manure while we were cleaning the arena. And then he shoved it down my pants. Okay, maybe normal people don't flirt like that, but whatever. And, yes, I'm a cradle-robber. He's only 21...scandalous!!!

Anywhose, following the occasional e-mail, round abouts December, we started IMing and talking on the phone a lot, and then in January he came down to visit, and the rest is history. He's not perfect, but then, who/what is? I think I'd be more concerned if he DID seem perfect... He IS wonderful and funny and cute and sweet and good at keeping me in balance - keeping me from getting too serious. And understanding and supportive. And gives good hugs and is a good kisser (sorry Mom!). And he likes horses! And I'm totally afraid of falling for him, but I also don't want to let that keep me from forming a meaningful relationship. Hell, we even tell each other how much we miss each other and then make kissy noises over the phone, and then Mom makes fun of me - but that's okay, 'cause she's allowed, and, like she said, it's about time. And when I get to see him, I can totally jump into his arms. SO not like me, but it's fun! And it all started with Ray Hunt and horse poo. *mwah*

So, I'm home, and I'm happy with my life and the people in it, and thankful for them all. And I've really got to get to homework now, but just thought I'd fill y'all in a little...

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Heidi said...

Huh. I meant to comment on this when you wrote it but I guess I didn't. Anyway, this is really cute. It's like uncharacteristically adorable. Not that you're not adorable all the time, but you know what I mean. You sound kind of giddy here. Glad you're happy. :)