Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sweet Link of the week

So, I was introduced to this website last night that is SO wonderful and fabulous and useful that I don't know how I've lived without it this long. It's called VideoJug - Life Explained. On Film.

Found out about it an interesting sort of way. A friend of mine's little sister has this boyfriend she is totally googly-eyed for, and was looking up info. online about, oh, how to french kiss and am I ready for sex? and such. It's all kind of cute and kind of scary at the same time. This is what middle- and high-schoolers are researching online people.

At any rate, this friend was browsing through the history and found these links her little sis had visited, visited them herself, and then had to share them when we were at another friend's house last night (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAEL!!!), and thus, our knowledge of VideoJug was born. Some of you may already know of its existence. Please, spread the word and enlighten the ignorant.

Some of them are actually supposed to be serious, but may I suggest "How to kiss someone passionately," "how to undo her bra with one hand," "how to give a homie handshake" to start with...

Without further ado, may I present

Go forth. Learn. Laugh. And don't watch the above while consuming liquids unless your sinuses needed a flushing.

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Jael said...

lmao I love you Karen!!! I am loving my birthday presents too! :D <3