Wednesday, March 7, 2007


and now, another puppy memorial to Sassy.

Sassy was lonnie's heeler - she actually died late Sunday/early Monday. At least she died of old age - she was happy and bouncy and actin' like a pup all the way up 'til Saturday night when she started getting sick. All sunday she didn't feel good, and then she just died that night.

Poor Sass - but, like I said, at least she was doin' great, and then just died in her sleep. Miss you.

Now, no more animals are allowed to die!!!


BullSchmidt said...

I'm sorry you guys lost another one. That's really sad. I'm with you. No more animals dying. It makes me think of how hard it would be to write memorial posts for our cats. No way. :P But I hope you guys are all doing ok. I'm glad you have a blog now... as long as you don't stop posting just because I'm reading it. ;)

Heidi said...

Aww, another dog? Sorry, Karen, that's too sad.