Thursday, May 31, 2007

TB & ANTM r gr8

Apparently I need to post something more upbeat - ya' know, more representative of the typical smartass, dirty-minded self ;0) Luke says so, and we all know that Luke gets what Luke wants, or he'll whine like a little girl =09 Wait, that was kind of mean and inappropriate - I shouldn't stereotype (and insult) girls like that...

By the by - I would like to thank my wonderful parents for the person I am today - I love you!

Look how smart Lonnie's puppy, Riata, is! She typed this all by herself - capital "A" and all!


Anyway, do you know how hard it is to write on something upbeat when you're under pressure? Well, do ya'? Punk? (and by "punk" I mean Luke). Do you know what else is challenging? Trying to figure out exactly what other people think of you. Not even in the "oh God, what does so-and-so think about me! Maybe I need to change!" No, more of the bemused, "huh, isn't that interesting." I just say this 'cause I'm curious what impression Luke be getting of me. Probably about as good as the impression I'm getting of I said, Nice Guy my ass ;0)
Okay, what else is lighthearted? Um. Yup. I'm pretty well convinced I have the mental maturity of an 18-year-old. Mind in the gutter. Need I say more?
Dammit - and I need a summer job. And I feel like I have ADD - just 'cause I get so easily distracted by things! lEven one of my professors made fun of me about that. And it's quite challenging to follow direct lines of thought for too long. That's part of what I love about me, though! Keeps things interesting, and provides so many opportunities to myself...with myself - it's all the same =D.

Oooh, I know what is upbeat - or at least fun. Sharing fun facts and secrets that might surprise people about yourself. And THAT makes me think of Aunt Lori's funny story about prank calling people with the Baby Secret Doll that she had. lol. =0)

Anywhose, Karen Fun Fact #1: Not only do I love Tyra Banks, and not only do I love America's Next Top Model, but I would totally love to BE on ANTM. I think it'd be fun, and I could totally rock it!

Your turn!


Luke said...

me a punk? oh you are totally going down... that is all i have to say about this at the moment, but you just wait, you are going to get it!

karen said...

I'm SO scared... =09

Heidi said...

Mental maturity of an 18-year-old? Karen, I think you're over-estimating there. ;)

But I am surprised about Tyra/ANTM. Ooh, I can relate a surprising fun fact to that (or maybe not so surprising, I don't know) -- if we had cable I would probably love ANTM because I am all about trashy TV. I will watch pretty much any terrible piece of crap that shows up on my screen (well, not so much these days, with kids around, or with Greg to mock me, but I would if I had totaly freedom to do so).

Oh, not that I'm calling your taste trashy above. But I kind of think all reality shows are trashy, what with their scheming and cat-fighting and insane people everywhere. And I kind of love that.

Jael said...

Are we really calling it ANTM? ..... Anyway... Look! A Ram!! That's all I have to say :D

Jael said...

P.S. I love Tyra too! And Christina Aguilera!! omg!!! :D

karen said...

oooh, yeah, good call. Yay for Christina!