Saturday, April 5, 2008


You know what is tasty? Fish oil gelcaps. They're really not that gross - but they smell perfectly awful. You know what else is tasty? Apple cider vinegar. My massage therapist recommended that I add that to my daily diet (along with the fish oil, ginger tea, pure cranberry juice, and a few other suggestions). So I was just curious about how you "take" the vinegar and how much, etc., so I googled it, and there is all this information on how good it is for you - all these purported health benefits. They're not all medically proven, but I don't see it huring anything as long as I eat bananas to keep my potassium levels up - and it is sure to increase urine acidity - So why not try it? But I haven't quite gotten used to the taste, yet - some recommend adding it to apple juice, but the most popular recommendation (including that on the bottle) is to mix 2tsp. ACV, 2tsp. honey, 2tsp. lemon juice, and 8 oz. of water. You can also add some Cayenne pepper to help flush your system, and some pure maple syrup or dark molasses for I forget why. Ewwwww. And it's the unfiltered vinegar, so it looks a little gross, but, again, it's supposed to offer the most benefits.
The next suggestion my massage therapist gave me was to fast for about 48 hours to see if that helps with the stomach pain - so only water and 16 oz. of this concoction and 16 oz. of the cranberry juice daily. I'm thinkin' I'll give it a shot starting tomorrow...but we'll see ;) Dude, and even the cranberry juice I might need to water down, 'cause we're not talking Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice "Cocktail," or even the 100% juice sweetened with apple and grape juice - we are talking pure cranberry juice reconstituted with just some water - only 9 grams of sugar per serving (vs. the 28 - 34 grams you get with even the 100% juice). Talk about some bite! But it is very good - far better than drinking vinegar ;)
You know what it reminds me of mixing up the vinegar concoction? Dyeing Easter Eggs - we used to get those colored tablets that you drop into vinegar and then use those to dye your eggs.

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